System Requirements

To prepare your films for upload here are a few tips.


You can upload several file formats to our platform and here are the accepted formats:

MPEG2 files (.mpg, .vob, .mpeg or .ts)

MPEG4 files (.mp4)

Apple Pro Res files

Quicktime movies with MJEPG codec, h264 codec or uncompressed (very large!)

AVI file with MJPEC codec, h264 codec or uncompressed

DV files either as Quicktime or AVI or as DV stream

The audio shall always be either uncompressed, MP3 or AAC.


If you are uploading a movie, it has to be a single (multiplexed) file including both video and audio track. (If you have only a separate audio and a video file available, we recommend processing it through the program for Mac or VirtualDub for Windows, which allows you to turn it into a collective file).


The maximum file size shall not exceed 20Gbyte and we recommend you to upload a file that is maximum 2-2,5 Gb - it will be much quicker and easier. If you try to upload a file that is bigger or does not meet requirements, you might experience difficulties or deficiencies in uploading your file.

You will yield the best possible result with the h264 video codec as this is currently the codec that reduces the file size the most while remaining the best picture quality possible.

Internet capacity

The pending time uploading your file depends on file size, running time and Internet capacity, for example you will improve the process by having an Internet upload capacity that it is above 10MB/2MB. (10MB download and 2MB upload) (Speaking from experience).

Checking the file

Before you start uploading to Stream4pro, it is a good idea to play the file on your computer to make sure that it is working properly. After uploading your file to the platform, you can play the film by going into My Videos and clicking on the video title (a video player shows under the video details). If it does not start even though you comply all requirements, please contact our helpdesk.